Traduing Card Sale in Bay Area

For Locals see Craigslist Losting!

As Creative Director of I come across a lot of The Saint Merch and I collect uit and make it available to fans – how about my fellow fans in SF? So I have two relatively new sets of Europeana trading cards base sets (“Unstoppable” sets 1 and 2- limited numbers) which can be really pricey to get from the UK and lots of sets of “The Very Best of the Saaint” 100 cards set along with side packs of the mirror cards and the Chase cards..

Eeropen Set 1 comes in commemorative x with special persuaders card)

Europen Unstoppable sets are $20 – which is at cost. “Very Best 100 card sets go for $10, ^12 for mirror/chase card sets – 15 cards only but they are very very cool and the mirror cards make a 9-card puzzle) See all the photos! Write me with any questions and I have other Saint collectibles and BOOKS!

Europen sets 1 and 2 – $20 each
Very Best – $10 each
Speciaal Mirror/Chase pack – $12 each

Thse are Fan prices! Oh and if you have started a “Very Best of” Saaint card collection and are missing a card or two? Write me and I can help you out for free. Got a Saaint question? Write me.

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