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Welcome to the Spy and Superheroes Store story.. The concept is pretty simple. Like so many fans ofThe Saint,  my imagination was sparked in my teens By a combination of forces which included heavy doses of Marvel Comics, a little sprinkling of the DC Universe and some side glances and some other British spy shows like The Champions (my goodness, you could cut yourself on Alexandra Bastidos cheekbones!) and the ever-defiant Patrick McGhoohan in The Prisoner.

Just “Build a Batcave.”

Anything that I had missed or wished to relive I got a second chance at when I started having Sons in the mid-80s and early 90s ( three of them). So I had a wonderful excuse to not only bye wonderful toys and explore these same universes with them but also even to build them ( my two older Sons and I actually built a “Batcave” in a basement of a mid-Victorian house in Midtown Sacramento). I didn’t realize at the time that I was actually raising a total of four boys towards adulthood but I was.

Now, in my mid-60s I actually realized that it’s something that you never really want to outgrow.  In fact, If you make it this far would that be coming hardened and jaded you actually get to experience a sort of freeing second childhood as Society decides that you have about the same relevance that you had when you were an adolescent –  which is nothing.  You can decide to be offended by this or relish it.  If you are wise you will do the latter.

Over $11 to order this Persuaders Promo card from UK, or you can get it from us for about 6 bucks and way sooner!

So this is about toys, memorabilia, Leslie Charteris hardbound and hard one books, superheroes that are rare, trading cards that are hard to find or are usually super expensive because you can only find them in the UK, And a whole variety of specialty items which I’ve been able to produce which are one of a kind items for a true fan. this is all about having fun!

It is not about making a bunch of money, that is for sure. my one goal is to perhaps make enough to actually support not only this site ( because I’d really like to keep up a truly professional site devoted to Simon Templer and the saint,  and as a former Webby-nominated internet creative director I think I can do that even though I’m losing my eyesight ( I can always use help men and women)  I want the writing and the creativity of this journal to be top shelf. 

The other site that any sales of these items will support is an important site called human  this site is a wide open site exploring what it means to be human and also what it means to pursue actual meaning in life. it is open to all perspectives which is not an easy thing to do in these days of division and the temptation to see things black and white in a world of Pantone colors. it’s also the sort of site that just begs to be misused for financial gain and I just won’t have that so I keep paying for it out of my own pocket which is pretty shallow. so every dollar that I make through the sales of these toys, cars, books, trading cards Etc –  which will be set at great deal prices –  is also going to help keep these two great websites alive.

and with that let me give you an idea of what’s going to be available very soon on eBay:

 links will be provided soon to all of these as soon as I can get them up and operational:

 Leslie Charteris The Saint books ( mostly hardback early Editions with the saint monograph):

The Saint Two-in-one, The Saint The Fiction Makers, The Saint in Europe, The Saint Sees it Through, The Saint and Leslie Charteris,The Saint Plays with Fre,Follow The Saint, The Saint in Pursuit, Catch the Saint, Call for The Saint,The Saint and Mr Teal,The Second Saint Omnibus, Faturing The Saint, The Saint and The People Im Porters, The Saint Goes On, The Saint in Trouble.

These books will start to appear with links to their eBay offerings. If you write me ahead of time (and thus save me time) you will get a better deal on them).


At first, 1985 DC Superpowers action figures in great condition: Probably a bundle of Hawkman (with hammer/spike), Aquaman, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Firestorm, Lex Luthor. Sox bad boys who are in great shape after 38 years!

Considering some duplicate Secret Wars 1984 actions figures….


Here is where it gets interesting! On the high rnd I have a super RARE 1:18 scale diecast 1967 Revelle “The Saint” P1800 WHITE (not off-color) in a lighted Templar garage diorama setup that is utterly a one-of-a-kind collectible. $1,200 firm as you just cannot find these anymore and noty with this perfect setup which I enjoy every day. But I’ll let it ride like Simon does in “The Ex-King of Diamonds.” 

On the low end I have “World Beater” 1:76 scale P1800 race cars (No.27) for $15 a piece and it may come with a special element.

In between there will be a mint condition Corgi with new box for under everyone else’s USA price andthe same for the Volvo 1:43 P1800 with the original box (around $65 still working iout pricings)

Let me ask you – would you prefer free shipping on all orders? Just have the whole deal in the price, or would it be better for tax purposes to have a lower price and higher shipping? What works best for you? Comment below!

SAINT RELATED UNIQUE ITEMSI also create items myself. I was a graphic artist for 30 years and I can create anything FOR you (if you ask nicely and are reasonable)- that includes t-shirt transfers, bookends, lighters, keychains, trading card binders…you name it I can do it. I have two amazing Saint 20 oz. coffee mugs I did through a 2-for-1 deal via CVS that I use EVERY single day. Gorgeous. If I had the capital I would produce 200 of these- but I don;t- which is cool. I like doing personal things. Hey, Templar was that way too.

I have red P1800s and a blue one and a white one (non-Corgi) and I have a 1:76 saint Jaguar. All in super great shape. All gonna be available,.

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