New Discovery of a 26 year-old Book!

It never ceases to amaze me that in my hunting for rare and memorable things related to Simon Templar and all things “The Saint:” I make major discoveries.

And you can purchase a limited number of them HERE at

Now some of these may be no-brainers to you, but not all? Like did you know that you can get a room-sized (one high wall) wall-paper rendering of Simon Templar in what one artist feels (I agree) is a good interpretation of the Hiirondell from the books?

(To purchase a “Like New” copy go HERE.)

Seriously – check it out! (I have a “small one” pinned to my wall that is about 3’x5′ but I could do a whole wall!

I just discovered it one day – not much different than th recent discovery of Series 2 Unstoppable cards from the UK that one vendor had here in the US for about a week!

But a really great book that I was utterly unaware of was a behind-the Series book about the Roger Moore years and some of the early films. Beautifully laid out and FULL of rich content, Paul Simper’s 1997 book is fantastic and you can pay top dollar at Amazon for the Hardback, or less on eBay, or even less from me in about three weeks (I scoured the Internet for every inexpensive used and new copy and found about 5 of them so I can undercut most by 25% or more.

Directly below is a downloadable PDF (Yeah! FREEBIES!) that gives you a sample for your enjoyment (thanks to Daan Kassiss for helping me produce this).

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