Big eBay Templar Sale for Website

I have been doing two sitees for FREE (it should have been my middle name as I am Scottish) but I just love to provide things that people find meaningful or fun/ On the good side this has produced the popular site on the pursuit of meaning (, which is sort of serious, and the, which is just meant to be FUN in the spirit of Leslie Charteris.

Rare Foil cards found in individual packs of unopened boxes of 36 packs (now selling for $100 to $130 a box – Yikes!

Thee downside is that GoDaddy so often wants money for good and services and I aam not a wealthy man.

Solutution>? Use my knowledge of The Saint books and memorabilia to earn that small amount needed to keep the sites going (they will never pay me- which is fine) – Did Simon Templar ask for remuneration? Oh right – he often took it from the ungodly, but then he is a fiction and I am less so.

Fmous cchracter actor Peter Wyngate who passed away earlier this year.

Item Number One is aa big one: an ultra rare Revelle 1:18 scale diecast (white) 1967 P1800 “Thee Saint” car which I found just ONCE in 2018 but has never seen again and I search weekly. I am putting this up on eBay as a package deal in customizing Simon Templar lighted garage diorama which has rare “chase card” posters mounted in cases on the garage wall and has a custom European ST1 oval sticker. You can see it HERE. I am only guessing at aa fair price for this state car – write mee ( if you have a different view?

Next,two other cars both obviously P1800 Saint cars: one an Atlas 1:43 scale in the original box, then an auction of a Corgi P1800 in a mint box that is somewhere in size between 1:76 and 1:43.

Then just some random red and blue 1:76 P1800s and a white one (which I also have never seen elsewhere). You can see ALL Here. Most interesting is some mustard-colored ones that I am going to transform into “World Beater” (Number 68) versions soon.


Oh I went little nuts on Trading cards and just ask you to look up a variety of deals below including a Bundles Starter Kit whinchats aa custom binder and sleeves for 154 cards (all 100 Very Best of; 9 Foil cards; 9 Chase cards; then all 36 2017 Base set Series 1 from Unstoppable.

On the horizon? FREEBIES!! PDFs from “The Saint” book about the bnehindd the scenes action of the show; free downloadable (and printable candle sleeves and some frameable 300 dpi art.

And BOOKs both very OLD and very NEW coming in two weeks!

Want me to try and find the best price on something? I live for that stuff and I am good at it. Just ask and I’ll take it as aa fun challenge.

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