About the Macman

I am your webmaster at simontemplar.org and it’s progenitor. You will have to bear with the good and the bad but I assure you this site is meant for pure enjoyment in the Templar spirit!

What’s the downside gonna be? Spelling….for reasons you will see in a bit…Until we get an editor to work with my blindness there is only so much Grammarly can do….it will work out (remember “The Pearl of Peace” story and episode).

If you do not have fun here and if you do not come away with MORE than you entered with then I have failed to live up to our illustrious hero and his zest for life. Even more so the sheer genius of a young and brilliant writer named Leslie Charteris who is coming up on 100 years of sheer mind-boggling entertainment with a brain!

My journey, as a young man, started like so many of you as a teen (then in the late 60s and early 70s) catching the odd episode of Roger Moore’s Thee Saint when I was home from school sick and being in utter rapture at the adventure. This was better than BOND!

My fascination continued through my college years moving from the Bay Area up to Cal State Sacramento where I remember constructing elaborate antennae to try and harvest a semi-decent signal all the way from San Jose and channel 36 (made infamous by SF stripper Carol Doda) which aired Thee Saint in syndication. By then we had VCRs and I would try in vain to record episodes but they would fade in and out!

By then Ian Ogilvy was doing The Return of the Saint and that was just too good to be true. I liked Moore better, but Ogilvy was a very able addition to the franchise (and his work has held up).

I mean, you either get it or you don’t. No snobbery is needed or intended.

Two whole decades later I would switch from print media and journalism to Internet creative direction and content with a major potential gaming (videogames) portal and begin aa whole new career which you’ll see evidence in the quality of the graphics, layout, and add-ons at simontemplar.org. Hey, I am a User Advocate – I need you to be happy.

In 2006 UI ran the site for the Mavericks Surf competition and was nominated for a Webby. I did not win (against NPR, Lalaapalooza and others) but just being nominated was a high honor.

But things have changed a bit. While in graduate school earning a couple of Masters’s degrees between 2015-2020 I started to go blind with macular degeneration – a condition that has no cure. This is why the original fast start of this site in 2020 (with such promise) suddenly stopped for 3 years).

But I am BACK (like the Saint). I am blind….er and have to rely on new technologies like speech-to-text, and then fall back on old tools I know well for graphics (like Fireworks)…but I have had to give up painting, photography, and a lot of other things and THIS is ONE thing I can do for sheer FUN and total enjoyment as a hobby that I have loved since AI was 13.

And my bet is some of you who are writers and big fans will come alongside (I have already received encouragement and help from Ian Dickerson and others) to make this a great site loaded with fresh content and new ideas in a bold new format!

This is truly a fan site for people who love the books, the TV series, the films (or at least wish to discuss them) and want to see MORE in the future.

I mean look at how fans of The Expaance git Amazon to do a few more seasons. Could a wide Saint fan base make Paramount get off its blind asss and do Simon Templar right?

I apologize ahead of timefor some typos that will sneak in…but that is simply due to actual legal blindness. As a few devoted fans decide to lend assistance we will silence that issue easily (as I have with my other site humanmeeaning.org).

Eh…it’s possible.

I promise to start looking at my email at infamoussimontemplar@gmail.com – daily – so you can contact me (Mac) any time you wish – just no spammage please ior I will dump on you from a very tall place.

It will always be a non-commercial site, but to help cover my monthly expenses (which I cannot afford) I will be selling Saint-related cars, trading cards, memorabilia, and other things via eBay to make ends meet for site expenses. There will also be lots of freebies for fans – just things I create that can be downloaded for free. Why? Because I want to (he said with a wry smirk).